Re: [html4all] some reflections on @alt usage (and even sometimes @aria-labelledby...)

Gez Lemon wrote:
> aria-labelledby could be considered a good alternative to HTML's label
> element. It's not as useful for providing alternative text for images,
> as inline images aren't really suited to the labelling design pattern.
> There may be edge cases where the labelling design pattern is more
> suitable as a concise alternative for an inline image, in the same way
> that there are cases where a text attribute is more suitable than a
> label.

Indeed. One very interesting thing that is coming more into focus for me 
in these discussions is that there will be many ways to essentially do 
the same things. Whether it is define relationships between web content 
-dynamic or static - create widgets etc, the semantic toolkit is 
expanding and to some degree, tending towards greater complexity. The 
bigger discussion could therefore be more along the lines of making sure 
all of the potential for variegated authoring styles and methods are in 
harmony, rather than whether we can or cannot do certain things.



Received on Monday, 28 April 2008 21:50:09 UTC