Re: longdesc and ARIA

Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> i believe it is a grevious error to equate LONGDESC with "describedby" in 
> a 1 to 1 mapping -- a LONGDESC could itself be a tree view widget or other 
> ARIA enabled widget that allows for more than passive interaction with a 
> linear description of the image for which the LONGDESC has been defined; 
> something especially useful if the image being described is a flow chart 
> or another form...  LONGDESC simply means "long descriptor" -- what form 
> that descriptor takes can no longer be limited to a static page, but must 
> take into account -- not to mention take advantage of -- extant 
> technologies that provide a richer -- not to mention potentially 
> interactive -- user experiences than a linear discription on a static 
> HTML/XHTML page...

Very interesting. I like the idea of the descriptor being dynamic and 
not limiting /how/ relationships can be defined etc only to static text.



Received on Monday, 28 April 2008 21:39:14 UTC