RE: Style guide: rich text editor

The workaround from the user's point of view is to go to another editor 
where you can copy tab into the clipboard, then paste it into Mozilla.
>From an authoring point of view, you can use JavaScript to catch a key or 
button press and insert a tab, indent the selection, move to the next 
table cell, or whatever.

So it's the same as IE now. If Microsoft, Opera or Apple has a better 
workaround suggestion I'd be glad for Mozilla to follow it.

- Aaron

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04/11/2008 06:20 PM

Aaron M Leventhal/Cambridge/IBM@IBMUS, "'David Poehlman'" 
RE: Style guide: rich text editor

Hi Aaron,
I understand when you are coming from, but the question is whether the 
mainstream world will accept your agument. Now this becomes a usability 
I didn't realize that Firefox3 implemented this feature. Is there a 
work-around for those who do want to use TAB to indent?

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Unfortunately there is a conflict between those 2 uses of tab and one had 
to win. Being able to navigate in and out is more crucial. Those rich text 
editors that do need an indent feature will need to add something on their 
accessible toolbar that allows indenting etc. A keystroke can be added. 
The web authors already need to do that for indenting in a rich text 
editor for IE.  We felt it was important to make the browsers more 
consistent with each other and support the most crucial accessibility 

- Aaron 

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04/11/2008 12:37 PM 

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Re: Style guide: rich text editor

so how do we get tab into an edit field if we need something to indent 
or to separate with?

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1. The style guide has:

Note: The browser should also provide a keyboard mechanism for navigating
into and out of the edit control. Within Internet Explorer the edit
control is put into the tab order of the page and can be navigated into,
out of, and through using the tab and shift-tab keys like any standard
form control. Firefox also puts the edit control into the tab order.
However, Firefox has actually implemented tab as an action within the edit
control so currently there is no keyboard way to navigate out of the
editor component once focus has been placed inside of it.

This has changed with Firefox 3. In general, I think with mentioning
browsers in the doc, you better put version #s because things change.

2. Browser rich edit controls don't support keyboard shortcuts for
bold/italic etc. because they don't know which of those features the
particular edit field wants to support. The style guide should mention
this. Do people thing that the rich edit fields should support Ctrl+B for
bold etc. when the particular edit field supports bold?

- Araon

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