ARIA Proposal


Not so long ago a proposal was posted to public-html and wai-xtech for a  
way to make ARIA work in HTML:

I have over the past few days with help from Aaron Leventhal and others  
written up a draft for how this should work. The goals and constraints we  
had when writing the proposal were:

   * It should be possible to use in both (X)HTML and other vocabularies
     without the need for scripting.

   * The processing should be the same for both HTML and XHTML.

   * It should be possible to author new content that works in Firefox 2.

   * The number of different possible ways to use ARIA should be minimized,
     and include only variations that are necessary.

   * The proposal should be directly implementable in Firefox 3 and Opera

The proposal is available at:

The latest version is available at:

Comments welcome.

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

Received on Wednesday, 26 September 2007 16:56:32 UTC