Re: ARIA in HTML -- a new FAQ, and a proposal

> Do you mean only for HTML elements or elements in the 
> namespace? (I don't see any reason why role 
> attributes in no namespace on elements in the 
> namespace should not work in XUL or SVG host documents.)

> The XHTML role attribute module seems to be a bit confused on this 
> but AFAICT the intent of the spec is to have the role attribute be in no 
> namespace for elements in the namespace 
> the attribute is in no namespace in all examples in the spec). Can you 
> point to any existing content that relies on this to be supported?
We don't have access to all of the examples out there. There are companies 
working with ARIA now, but we don't have the privelege (or punishment) of 
looking at their source.

Originally role was an xhtml2 namespaced attribute. After the role 
attribute came along to bring it into XHTML 1.1 (modules are technically 
not supported for XHTML 1.0 afaict). Thus, I felt that technically we 
needed to continue to support role as a namespaced attribute.

If you think it is worth it, we can attempt to contact the companies and 
projects we know that are working on ARIA, and see how they are currently 
using the role attribute, and if they are willing to change it.

But for me that's a much smaller issue than this main fix of allowing ARIA 
to be easily used in text/html. I'm willing to persue it, if you think it 
is important.

- Aaron

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> > We go from least obscure to most obscure in our priority.
> Ok.
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