Re: Example of keyboard drag and drop.

Hi Joseph;

Cool demo.

I don't see any problems with what you've defined/proposed. My 
question has to do with extensibility. The Lightbox demo only 
shows moving one thing/object in the current pane. There is no 
demo of dragging and dropping between containers or across 
different directories. Also, the demo also didn't support 
multiple selection, contiguous or not.

Below is a list of d-n-d use cases I worked up about a month ago. 
  It may well turn out that these actions don't make sense with 
web applications so supporting desktop-like functionality for the 
above would be a waste.

Still, what is left will be more than the Lightbox demo 
offers/supports. My question is does the architecture developed 
for Reorderer such that it could be enhaced for multiple 
selections, dragging things from one container/component across 
boundaries to another?

Also, it's not clear if you were looking for feedback on what 
your email introduced. Are you proposing it for the DHTML stuff 
or was your post more for informational purposes?


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Subject: Drag-n-Drop Use Cases
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2007 16:05:01 -0700
From: Earl Johnson <>
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Appologies for not sending this sooner, I was OOC all last week.
In case it is not clear, the following is given from the user's
perspective only.



		Drag-n-Drop Use Cases

Earl Johnson
Sun Microsystems

These use cases are meant to hilite all that occurs from a
mouse-only d-n-d perspective taking you from the initial object
selection to completion of the action. The following are d-n-d
operations that should be possible from the keyboard when it can
be used for d-n-d operations.

Note: An object includes selected/highlighted text, graphics, etc.

- select, grab, move, and deposit an object to other
- select, grab, move, and deposit an object to someplace else in
the current directory/area[s]
- select, grab, move, and deposit multiple object to other
- select, copy, grab, move, and paste an object to other
- select, copy, and paste an object to the same directory/area
- select, copy, grab, move, and paste multiple objects to another
- select, copy, and paste multiple objects to the same directory/area
- select multiple contiguos objects
- select discontiguos objects
- select an object and copy it to the system clipboard
- Cancel the Move or Copy d-n-d operation
- visually, a d-n-d operation needs the appropriate Copy or Move
pointer to be swapped in
	= must include a "not permitted" pointer for illegal copies and 

Joseph Scheuhammer wrote:

> This is a followup to the Nov 2 DHTML/ARIA style guide teleconference.
> One of the proposals was to provide examples of keyboard usage in DHTML 
> contexts.  The Fluid project is about to release a component that 
> permits keyboard based drag-and-drop.  The component in question is 
> called the "Lightbox".  It depends on a more general "Reorderer" 
> JavaScript object.
> The purpose of the Lightbox is to allow users to reorganize a set of 
> pictures -- it's analagous to a photographer organizing a set of slides 
> on a light table.
> The purpose of the Reorderer is to give client software a general way to 
> reorder meaningful chunks of HTML within a container.  The Lightbox is a 
> specific use of the Reorderer.
> In terms of keyboard accessibility, the Reorderer currently defines:
> 1. the arrow keys for navigating among the orderable items, and
> 2. control+arrow to move an orderable item to a new location.
> The latter constitutes a kind of keyboard based drag-and-drop.  In terms 
> of this interest group, are these reasonable keystroke definitions given 
> the context?
> You can view a demonstration of a standalone Lightbox here:
> You can see the Lightbox deployed withing Sakai's gallery tool here 
> (login as use "demo", with password "demo".  After logging in, click the 
> "Fluid Demo" tab):
> For more information on the Lightbox and the Reorderer, check out 
> Fluid's wiki documentation:
> Shameless plug: for more information about Fluid itself, here is the 
> main project page:

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