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Example of keyboard drag and drop.

From: Joseph Scheuhammer <clown@utoronto.ca>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 17:08:44 -0500
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This is a followup to the Nov 2 DHTML/ARIA style guide teleconference. 

One of the proposals was to provide examples of keyboard usage in DHTML 
contexts.  The Fluid project is about to release a component that 
permits keyboard based drag-and-drop.  The component in question is 
called the "Lightbox".  It depends on a more general "Reorderer" 
JavaScript object.

The purpose of the Lightbox is to allow users to reorganize a set of 
pictures -- it's analagous to a photographer organizing a set of slides 
on a light table.

The purpose of the Reorderer is to give client software a general way to 
reorder meaningful chunks of HTML within a container.  The Lightbox is a 
specific use of the Reorderer.

In terms of keyboard accessibility, the Reorderer currently defines:
1. the arrow keys for navigating among the orderable items, and
2. control+arrow to move an orderable item to a new location.

The latter constitutes a kind of keyboard based drag-and-drop.  In terms 
of this interest group, are these reasonable keystroke definitions given 
the context?

You can view a demonstration of a standalone Lightbox here:

You can see the Lightbox deployed withing Sakai's gallery tool here 
(login as use "demo", with password "demo".  After logging in, click the 
"Fluid Demo" tab):

For more information on the Lightbox and the Reorderer, check out 
Fluid's wiki documentation:

Shameless plug: for more information about Fluid itself, here is the 
main project page:

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