Re: New Progress Events spec

At 1:02 PM +1100 7 03 2007, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>I would appreciate review, and in particular propose to publish this 
>spec as a First Public Working Draft more or less in its current 
>All other comments and criticisms are of course appreciated...

Have you had a chance to compare notes with the people doing SCXML in
Voice Browser WG?

I had an interesting discussion with them about how to identify the
events returning from a detached, asynchronous process.


When the <invoke> element is executed, the platform MUST start a new
logical instance of the external service specified in "targettype"
and pass it the data specified by "src", "srcexpr", <content>, or
<param>. The service instance MAY be local or remote. In addition to
the explicit arguments, the platform MUST pass a unique id to the
external service . The external service MUST include the same id in
all events that it returns to the invoking machine. (Syntax TBD.)



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