Re: ARIA roles for Identifying title panes

Hi, David,
I think of the title panes as autonomous and not necessarily existing and 
interacting with one another - thus my reasoning to put them in the tab 
order .   They are somewhat like tabs and tab containers but I wonder if 
that role would be confusing if there was only one title pane?  If we use 
tab and tabpanel, should the panel open on focus as tab panels currently 
do, or should the panel open on the enter key press and we should modify 
the tab container to also open/load the tab panel on the enter key press.  
  I think that accordion pane works more like a tab container since the 
panes are grouped.

(thanks for including the link - I forget that sending as plain text 
strips them!)

david bolter <> wrote on 03/05/2007 11:29:42 AM:

> Hi Becky.
> Becky I am thinking that functionally these are a bit like tabs (tab 
> panel headers) and tabpanels (container of resources), which I think 
> Jaws and Window-Eyes support.
> All, here is a link to the TitlePane test: 
> cheers,
> David

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