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in light of the HTML working group's decision to use the WHAT WG's 
HTML5 draft specification as the basis of its work [note 1] (despite my 
formal objection that we start with HTML4x, its errata, corrections, the 
experience of web users and developments in both web and assisstive 
technologies, over the last 10 years, and then consider HTML5's 
differences on a case by case basis.  instead, the HTML WG's HTML5 
working draft is being adopted in toto, as the basis of our future work
[note 2]

i have constantly pushed the HTML WG to review the WAI Note on 
the accessibility improvements in HTML4x, and it only makes sense 
to me for us to defend and preserve -- or, optimally, preserve, 
strengthen and insist -- that a clear and convincing reason be 
given for the deprecation of any attributes or elements that were 
intended to increase accessibility...

therefore, i URGE EVERYONE involved in the WAI to read what will 
become the HTML WG's first deliverable:

The Differences between HTML4 and HTML5:

in particular, PLEASE review (at least) the following sections: (caution, 
URIs may wrap)

* <

dropped elements:
* <

dropped attributes:
* <

changed elements:
* <

new elements:
* <

new attributes:
* <

for the HTML WG's Proposed Design Principles, consult:
* <>

for an index of issues being tracked on the ESW wiki ( 

Index to HTML WG wiki Space:
* <>

HTML WG Issues:
* <>

thank you for taking the time to review this material,

[Note 1] Decision to Release "HTML 5 differences from HTML4" as a W3C 
Working Draft

[Note 2]
[2a] GJR's Formal Objection:

[2b] Clarification of Objections: Reasons Why HTML 4.01 Strict Should 
Remain the HTML WG's Foundation Document

[2c] GJR's reply to Scott Lewis on "justifying adding longdesc" to HTML5:

[2d] Dan Conolly's 25 June 2007 reminder that my protest has already been 
logged and to stop reposting my objection to the list as the quote 
majority unquote has spoken...

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