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> aloha, everyone!
> in light of the HTML working group's decision to use the WHAT WG's
> HTML5 draft specification as the basis of its work ...
> and then consider HTML5's
> differences on a case by case basis.  instead, the HTML WG's HTML5
> working draft is being adopted in toto, as the basis of our future work

Opera proposed beginning with the HTML 5 spec. This does not imply that we  
believe that it is ready - just that as a working draft it has some  
important advantages over the HTML 4 specifications which justify this  

> i have constantly pushed the HTML WG to review the WAI Note on
> the accessibility improvements in HTML4x, and it only makes sense
> to me for us to defend and preserve -- or, optimally, preserve,
> strengthen and insist -- that a clear and convincing reason be
> given for the deprecation of any attributes or elements that were
> intended to increase accessibility...
> therefore, i URGE EVERYONE involved in the WAI to read what will
> become the HTML WG's first deliverable:
> The Differences between HTML4 and HTML5:

Indeed. There are a number of accessibility features in HTML 4 that are  
not in current HTML 5 drafts, and there are cases where these are  
currently implemented, are what has been promoted as best practice for a  
decade, and can be clearly supported by both pure reason and pragmatic  
argument. It is very important that the cases are developed well to ensure  
that these things do find their way into whatever spec comes out in the  

> in particular, PLEASE review (at least) the following sections...

CMN: The lot. It isn't that long. (Be warned, it may contain errors or  
omissions - so anyone who has the time to review the actual HTML 5 draft  
[1] against HTML 4.01 and check for those would be doing a great service.

> for the HTML WG's Proposed Design Principles, consult:
> * <>

(Note that these principles are not backed by consensus yet).

> for an index of issues being tracked on the ESW wiki (
> consult:
> Index to HTML WG wiki Space:
> * <>
> HTML WG Issues:
> * <>
> thank you for taking the time to review this material,
> gregory.

seconded - chaals


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