Re: ]RE: Relative Units for Font Size Scaling W3C requirement replaced by zoom techniques in new Browsers?

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> On 5/23/07, Schnabel, Stefan <> wrote:

>> Advantage for Zoom is that it does enlarge images proportionally also.


>> Questions now:
>> a) is Greggs Level AA rating when using zoom correct? Is that sufficient
>> success criteria for W3C regarding font scaling?
> Whether such browser functionality can be used to satisfy this AA
> success criterion depends upon which browsers are used by the target
> audience. If only IE7 supports zoom and your users are not using IE7,
> you need to use other techniques such as scalable fonts.

In fact IE7 is one of the last browsers to do zoom - only about a decade  
after it started appearing in browsers. On the other hand, I only know of  
a couple of mobile browsers that provide zoom, and I suspect it is still  
an issue for now.

>> b) will the sections that reccommend to use em units be modified to  
>> reflect new zooming techniques in browsers?
> No,  using scalable fonts is still a sufficient technique to satisfy
> this success criterion.
>> b) is horizontal scrolling when using zoom a no-go for accessibility or  
>> is it more a usability issue and a consequecne of AA classification?
> It is an accessibility issue, which is why it is included in WCAG.
> However, there is some content for which it will not be possible to
> scale the content in a way that doesn't require horizontal scaling
> (e.g. large complex data tables).

Well, using a table transformation tool it is possible to avoid it, but  
people don't generally do that :( On the other hand using something like  
fit-to-width in combination with zoom wil deal with some of the issue - by  
breaking anything that you used to try and force your site to maintain a  
particular layout. Adaptive layout is still an important technique for  
users, so building a layout that can handle being adapted is a pretty good  



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