DHTML Style Guide WG meeting Notes August 10, 2007


Donald Evans

Chris Blouch

Tom Wlodkowski

Greggory J. Rosmaita

Al Gilman

Lisa Pappas



Jon Gunderson

Becky Gibson


Summary of Discussion:

1.  Autocomplete:  We are trying to gather a list of best practices and
use cases for autocomplete.  If anyone has info or examples, please post
it to this list.  


2.  Radio Buttons- Proposed

*        Tab key will enter the radio group.

*        Tab again will exit the radio group. 

*        When tabbing into the group a second time you should return to
the point of previous focus (which should be the one that is checked)

*        Up and down arrows will move between the buttons in the group.

*        When the arrow moves focus, the button is selected.

*        Last arrow at bottom should wrap to top

*        Up arrow at top should wrap to bottom



Agenda for next week

*	Continue discussion of Radio Buttons if Jon Gunderson is
*	Accordion Container and the documentation sent by Earl.
*	Review Menu after Becky reviews her notes
*	Tabindex and Focus as a discussion is recommended by Becky.
*	Context Help and use cases like prolog.


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