Re: DHTML Style Guide WG meeting Notes August 10, 2007

>From the style guide minutes:

2.  Radio Buttons- Proposed
        Tab key will enter the radio group.
        Tab again will exit the radio group. 
        When tabbing into the group a second time you should return to 
the point of previous focus (which should be the one that is checked)
        Up and down arrows will move between the buttons in the group. 
        When the arrow moves focus, the button is selected.
        Last arrow at bottom should wrap to top
        Up arrow at top should wrap to bottom

Is there any reason that left/right should not also work?  That's the way 
Win native radio button groups work and also how <input type="radio" ...> 
works on FF2 and IE7.

There is an example on this page about 1/4 the way down:

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