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At 02:26 AM 10/3/2005, Lisa Seeman wrote:
>The roles and adaptable properties drafts are now public. ...

Thanks, but the announcement was a bit cryptic. I assume you want people 
other than those who wrote the document to comment on it and so you need to 
tell us what it is and why we should read it.

I suggest including the name of the document in the subject line of future 
announcements and quote a paragraph from the document's introduction in the 
message body to explain what it is for. The full title of the document 
should be included next to the URL in the announcement. That way the reader 
would know enough about it to decide if they should click on the link.

As it is, even after clicking on the link I still couldn't quite work out 
what the document is about. You might want to separate the content into a 
short technical specification and a longer explanatory document.

These may seem like trivial grumbles from someone who does not appreciate 
the hard work by the authors. But that work will be wasted if few people 
(outside a small circle) read it and even fewer understand it.

ps: For those wondering, these are comments on "Role Taxonomy for 
Accessible Adaptable Applications - An RDF Role taxonomy with Qname support 
for Accessible Adaptable XML Applications", W3C Working Draft 25 August 
2005 <>).

pps: But then perhaps I am just not very bright. I have a student who says 
they can build an e-archive using the semantic web for the museums of the 
South Pacific <>. They have discovered 
the hard part is not building the archive, but explaining what the semantic 
web is.  ;-)

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