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Yes, it is a restriction to prefer IDs and there are real use cases where
they shoudn't be preferred. But there are lots where they should. Maybe it is
too strong a point to make in anything but general guidance on "how to choose
URIs" and "how authoring tools should pick anchor points"


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>> I'm looking at the simple case where an Xpointer constructed
>> by counting
>> elements or something points to a thing with an ID already.
>> (if the tool
>> constructs an ID it is not certain that other tools will have
>> this available
>> to refer to without having an agreed way of assigning ID, and
>> that gets
>> circular...)
>> IDs are normally the most robust things over changes. So an
>> Xpointer tool
>> could check for an ID and ask if there was any reason not to use it...
>I've no objection to 'preferring' id's, but to say should is diminishing
>the point of xpointer imo. One of its uses is to specify the third para
>element, or the nth word in the mth para in the pth section.
>Seems like quite a restriction Charles?
>regards DaveP
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