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Restating what I suggested in March (with the inclusion of possible er and
xag checkpoint #s) 
this an idea for relevent numbering:
    a(checkpoint#)- t(technique#)  =(or~)  w(WCAG checkpoint#) (space)
Priority Level

    a = atag checkpoint
    u = uaag checkpoint
    w = wcag checkpoint
    e = er checkpoint (?)
    x = xag checkpoint
    P = priority level
    t = technique number
    a(ATAG checkpoint#)- t(technique#)  =(or~)  w(WCAG checkpoint#) (space)
Priority Level......RESOLVES TO THIS..........

    a3.2-t1=w5.2 P1


    a1.3-t2~w2.1 P1


    a6.4.1-t2=w3.2 P1

    But for ATAG 1.1, which is not relative, it would be:


(in the main guidelines this could be used as:
    a3.2=w5.2  P1)

I think the use of lowercase letters makes the numbers easier to
determine, but that is just me. Stuck with uppercase for Priority Level
because that has been used all along.

If you are not doing a comparison per say, the technique number would just

	w2.3-t4 P1

This convention could then possibly be used across all WAI checkpoints and
technique docs.

	u6.2-t1~w4.2 P2


	w4.2-t14 P1~u6.5-t10


	x2.2-t6~w4.2.5 P1

If you are not doing a comparison per say, the technique number would just

w2.3-t4 P1

x2.2-t1 P2

I think I might be forgetting some of our past discussions on this, please
forgive my memory.
Hope you are well................................Katie

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Remember the ATAG implementation technique numbering proposal? Here are
my thoughts:

The "T####" method has become more and more untenable as techniques are
reordered, added, and removed. The resultant willy-nilly numbering
sequence is no help whatsoever when trying to find a technique.

Any attempt to give techniques new permanent numbers would be vulnerable
to the same problem.

I think that the best we can hope for is a
guideline#.checpoint#.technique# scheme (ex. 2.1.1) that changes as
techniques are moved around, added and deleted. At least it make editing

Your thoughts?


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