RE: [archives]suggestion: local download

Gregg's suggestion would work for me, especially since I could set up a 
filter to pump them into a folder.  It would also me easer on the receving 
end since people wouldn't have to figure out how to import the file. Only 
drawback is that it would be slower than receiving a compressed file.

Regardless of how we do it, it would be in addition to the web archive so 
we'd still have urls.


At 06:17 PM 3/24/01 -0500, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>actually making the archives available in normal mail foormat is wsomething
>that thre was solme interest in at the plenary - if that would help then it
>would be helpful to know that there is more support for it.
>But to me it is important to be able to find things in the archive on the
>web, and have a URI for them. Hmmm...
>Charles McCN
>On Sat, 24 Mar 2001, Gregg Vanderheiden wrote:
>   Len
>   What if you just had them sent to your email.  Then one wouldn't need to
>   worry about formatting.  They would all just show up.  Say with   ARCHIVE:
>   at the front of the subject line to make them easy to sort out on arrival.
>   Gregg
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>   What at I'd like, personally, is a means for downloading a selected set of
>   messages to my local computer, to import into my local email program. This
>   would be at least an interim solution for accessibility problems, assuming
>   of course that users have accessible email programs, and assuming that the
>   download options includes their file format. It would also be a convenience
>   for everyone since it's lots faster to scan email once it's local.
>   Features:
>   1. choice of format for eudora, outlook, etc. (I personally use eudora).
>   Note: we may be able to omit formats for programs that import from other
>   programs.
>   2. ability to select messages to be downloaded by:
>       a. date range
>       b. subject line
>       c. author
>   Len
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