Re: [glossary] WCA concepts off target

Al Gilman wrote:
> If we don't look at the Web as an iterative process where each cycle of
> many closes through the comprehension of the user, we don't describe what
> makes the Web great, and we don't have enough context in view to build an
> accessible-by-construction Web architecture.  We need to be working on a
> device-independent characterization of the Web as a process that iterates
> through many cycles through some human-computer interface as part of its
> essential or characteristic mode of operation.

Yes. Tim showed me a very simple drawing on his whiteboard once.
An arrow closed into a circle (with arrow head touching arrow tail).
The system modeled by the circle was the "old Web", where the system
sits and waits for user interaction (e.g., following a link). After
that action, the system waits again, completing one loop.

In the Semantic Web, there's another agent: the machine. The machine
can do some things automatically, allowing a lot of loops to happen
before the system stops again to wait for user input.

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