[archives]suggestion: local download

What at I'd like, personally, is a means for downloading a selected set of
messages to my local computer, to import into my local email program. This
would be at least an interim solution for accessibility problems, assuming
of course that users have accessible email programs, and assuming that the
download options includes their file format. It would also be a convenience
for everyone since it's lots faster to scan email once it's local.

1. choice of format for eudora, outlook, etc. (I personally use eudora). 
Note: we may be able to omit formats for programs that import from other
2. ability to select messages to be downloaded by:
    a. date range
    b. subject line
    c. author

NOTE: if you copy my email address from this email, please use the "reply
to" address, namely kasday@acm.org

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Received on Saturday, 24 March 2001 09:55:29 UTC