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At 8:11 PM -0400 2001/8/01, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>So here is an attempt:
>non-text (an adjective, as in "non-text element")
>Something that doesn't rely on writing to communicate its content.
>Normally, a picture, some sound, a movie, and so on. Note that this usualyl
>referes to writing as characters output by the computer.
>A picture of some writing, that is intended to be read, is both a non-text
>element (in that it does not produce letters or words that the computer
>renders) so it needs a text equivalent for many users, and a text element in
>that it relies on written words rather than communicating graphically.

Please don't allow something to be both "x" and "non-x" at the same
time.  The logical inconsistency is just too much to simply bury in
the glossary.

Here's a straw man definition:

"Text is any content encoded in Unicode-style letters and/or glyphs.
Non-text is anything else.

Someone who is more up on RFCs and the like can fill in a more
technically precise term for "letters".  If this were 1983 I'd be
saying "ASCII characters."


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