Feedback on Document for raising accessibility issues

The following comments are based on the document at

1.       Minor editorial fix:
Note: If you don't feel comfortable contacting an organization directly, consider raising the issue with an organization that supports people with disabilities,
supports older people, or provides other support; they may be interesting in contacting the organization.
Issue: Interesting should be interested.

2.       Editor's Discretion:

In the What is the Problem section you have several sample problem statements.  These are good.  However, the last item talking about video captions has the person revealing his or her disability by including the term deaf.  Why not just have this say because I require captions.  For comparison in the screen reader example you do not have the person indicate they are blind or otherwise have a visual disability.

Speaking of screen reader, of all these examples this is the one most people unfamiliar with accessibility are likely to get.  I'd almost reverse my earlier point and include the indication of visual disability/blindness in this example before I would in the captioning example.

3.       Editor's Discretion:
In particular, include details about:

the operating system you are using, for example, Windows, Mac, or Linux, and the version
the browser software you use to view the Web, for example, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Opera, Safari, etc., and the version

Wording here sounds awkward to me.  I'd put version before the example in some fashion for these if possible.

4.       Editor's Discretion
Text from the be available for follow-up section:
and plan to be available for eventual queries.
Suggestion: and plan to be available for possible questions.

5.       Editor's Discretion:
You start off by talking about feedback and such but then in the getting a response section start calling this feedback a complaint.  Smetimes you use both terms and sometimes just complaint.  It just starts to feel more conflict oriented in this section.



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