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RE: FW: [XP] Re: Quality is free...

From: Da­i Ingˇlfsson <dadi@hugur.is>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 13:08:19 -0000
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>> "Delivering soon" as you put it means delivering the needed business
>> on a specific date this year because if it isn┤t then it won┤t be put in
>> until next year. It┤s important to my manager to make rather than break
>> as she sees it.

>In general, delivering something that works is better than delivering 
>"business value" that doesn't work. 

I agree, but here it┤s not a matter of working or not working it┤s a matter
of working with quality or without it. Quality here being linked to testing
coverage and simple, changeable design.

>Anyway if you're doing XP you are 
>always calibrating the 'what' with the delivery date... I get nervous 
>when I hear words like "Business Value" or "Business Decision" without 
>further explaination. Often they seem to be a proxy for "Just Because I 
>said so..."

Again I agree and that is what we did and are doing, but the problem we are
facing is that we don┤t seem to be able to find the right balance between
the 'what' with superior quality and the delivery date.


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