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RE: FW: [XP] Quality is free...

From: Da­i Ingˇlfsson <dadi@hugur.is>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 11:49:19 -0000
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>> Make me feel that spending "too much time" (in her opinion) on testing,
>> refactoring and pairing would make us slip the date and that must
>> not happen. In essence, she clearly indicated that she equates delivering
>> time with quality service even though the quality of the delivered
>> suffered from the intense focus on prompt delivery. Also, she does not
>> that we should be "bothering" the customer with talk of technical

>I think that, if that is her opinion, then the only way to keep her 
>happy is to deliver on time. If you cannot deliver on time and with high 
>quality, then I see two options:

>  * continue to deliver on time with decreasing quality until the day 
>comes that poor quality makes it impossible for you to deliver on time, 
>then start working for someone else

>  * start working for someone else now

I will most likely take the first option but try over time to have more of a
dialogue about these issues rather than the discussion/argument, per Senge,
of the last few months.


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