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RE: FW: [XP] Quality is free...

From: Da­i Ingˇlfsson <dadi@hugur.is>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 09:18:24 -0000
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From: Dale Emery [mailto:dale@dhemery.com]
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Subject: Re: FW: [XP] Quality is free...

Hi Dadi,

> > > Ultimately, that leaves you only one choice - don't deliver
> > > low quality work. What can your manager do if you're not done
> > > yet?
> >
> > Pressure me into delivering in spite of the low-quality.

> Pressure you how?  What did your manager do that pressured you?

Make me feel that spending "too much time" (in her opinion) on testing,
refactoring and pairing would make us slip the date and that must absolutely
not happen. In essence, she clearly indicated that she equates delivering on
time with quality service even though the quality of the delivered product
suffered from the intense focus on prompt delivery. Also, she does not feel
that we should be "bothering" the customer with talk of technical quality.


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