Re: UAAG2 Action 852 to write IER for 1.1.2

I have only one substantial issue with this: the mobile example reads "On her mobile phone, Brin touches a video, which displays the controls including the 'display caption' control." I understand the intent, but it reads as if saying it's okay for the use to have to query an item to find out whether it has alternative content. That is, of course, exactly the opposite of what this SC is requiring.

A few minor typos and grammatical errors:

1) delete "have" from "so that they can have decide whether".

2) ", this rules out indicators" would be better grammar with "which" instead of "this", or a semicolon instead of comma.

3) "clicks the link the open" should be "clicks the link to open".

4) and of course, as no one at our latest Face to Face can forget, take out the commas after each "e.g." :-)


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> Oops - that was action 852
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