Not for Last Call Specifically But Comment on Summaries


Looking at this summary, I'm prompted to ask what are reasoning is for having these items referenced in non-numeric order?  I'm sure we have thought on this but when I read it, I'm left wondering if I missed something because I have to jump around on my thinking of the numbers.  I recognize we are not listing all numbers here and that this is just a summary.

I assuredly don't want to propose more work but would say we just might want to think about this a bit further outside the last call completion work.  I think the content itself is good.

Summary:   Every viewport has a keyboard focus (2.1.2, Level A). Users can  operate all functions using just the keyboard (2.1.1, Level A), activate  important
or common features with shortcut keys, (2.1.6, Level A),  escape keyboard traps (2.1.3, Level A), specify that selecting an item  in a dropdown list or
menu not activate that item (2.1.4, Level A) and  use standard keys for its platform (2.1.5, Level A).

Received on Wednesday, 11 September 2013 19:00:47 UTC