Action-640 on 2.7.6

Action-640 Smith the IER for 2.7.6

2.7.6 Change preference setting outside the user interface:
The user can adjust preference settings from outside the user agent user 
interface. (Level AA)## DONE TPAC @@ 640 IER

     Intent of Success Criterion 2.7.6 :
     Some users have a disability that prevents them from setting up the 
user agent to their requirements when it is first installed or used. 
They require the ability to set accessibility requirements before 
entering the user agent. There are multiple ways this can be 
accomplished including: detecting and implementing the platform 
accessibility settings, providing an external file to modify, access to 
settings from a separate utility program, or providing accessibility 
options in the installation program. When the user inadvertently selects 
a setting that renders the user interface inaccessible, a method must be 
provided to allow the user to reset the user interface preferences.
     Examples of Success Criterion 2.7.6 :

Sasha requires high contrast to be able to discriminate the shape of 
letters. She has set the accessibility preferences on her mobile phone 
to use the high contrast mode.  When she launches her mobile browser for 
the first time, it detects that she is using high contrast and presents 
the opening page to her in high contrast mode.

Justin has low vision and an attention deficit disorder.  He is setting 
up his new e-book reader and is interrupted while setting the default 
font colors.  He accidentally sets his background and font color to 
white on white and cannot read the settings screen to recover his 
default settings.  Justin exits the reader and follows the instructions 
on the reader vendor web site to edit the "settings.ini" file to adjust 
the colors outside the program, so he can use the reader the way he needs.

Aosa is blind and uses the accessibility settings on his mobile phone. 
Because he has accidentally removed his settings in the past, he has now 
set the hard button on his phone to restore his settings.

Bintu is deaf and enjoys watching captioned videos.  Since different 
video players may not have accessible settings, she sets her browser to 
always display captions, and hopes that the video player does not 
override the browser settings.

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