ACTION-325 - 3.3.2 Location in Hierarchy

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3.3.2 Location in Hierarchy: The user can view the path of nodes leading 
from the root of any content hierarchy in which the structure and 
semantics are implied by presentation, as opposed to an explicit logical 
structure with defined semantics (Level AA).

     * Intent of Success Criterion 3.3.2:
       Knowing where you are in a hierarchy (e.g., tree node, nested 
frame) makes it easier to understand and navigate information. Users who 
are perceiving the data linearly (such as audio speech synthesis) do not 
receive visual cues of the hierarchical information. Within constructs 
that have explicit logical structure such as a Java Tree node, 
navigation is tied to a users  understanding of what that construct 
actually represents. With a tree node made of individual HTML and script 
layered with styling, the user has no idea what the combined individual 
components mean, and therefore does not know how to navigate the 
hierarchy or what to expect once interaction is underway. Efficient 
navigation of hierarchical information reduces keystrokes for people for 
whom keypress is time-consuming, tiring, or painful. For people with 
some cognitive disabilities, providing the clear hierarchy reduces 
cognitive effort and provides organisation.
     * Examples of Success Criterion 3.3.2:
           o A media player provides a hierarchical display of 
playlists, albums, artists and songs, etc. When the user selects an 
individual item, a breadcrumb of the categories is displayed, can be 
navigated and is available programatically.
     * Related Resources for Success Criterion 3.3.2:
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