Fw: Jaws' parallel DOM?

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Subject: Jaws' parallel DOM?


In this long article
(http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/implementation/eval_win_jaws402.html) I read the
following sentence:
"JAWS uses there own parallel DOM"
(cfr. checkpoint 6.1)

Further down the document (checkpoint 8.1) they state that tags like thead,
tbody and tfoot are available through the dom.

DOM is short for document object model but what does it mean that JAws uses
its own parallel DOM. And how can I benefit from a web page using tags like
The document speaks about JFW4.2. I have been using several version ranging
from JFW3 to JFW5 at this moment. I never experienced any differnece in an
HTML table that uses these tags or not.
Thanks in advance

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