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It would be nice to do what you like to have one file that could be used 
across media players, but unfortunately the world is not that kind to use 
(yet).  You really need to design text tracks for a specific player and 
even the same player on different platforms often have different features.

Text Track Formats:
RealPlayer: RealText/SMIL
Micosoft Media Player: SAMI (for captions only)
Quicktime Player: QuickText/Some SMIL support or Text MOV tracks

Wish there was a better solution, but not right now.

SMIL 1.0 or 2.0 does not include a Text Track specification.  There is a 
new group forming in the W3C that will be trying to define an open text 
track recommendation.


At 07:04 PM 1/31/2002 -0500, Ian B. Jacobs wrote:
>I suggest checking out the resources available on the SMIL
>home page:
>  - Ian
>Raheel Ahmad Khan wrote:
>>I was wondering if it is possible to set the background color, the text
>>color, and the font size of an SMIL document.  I am trying to input the
>>text from a file, but I do not want to limit it only to real text
>>format.  I want it to be a normal text file which even quicktime can
>>use.  So could you please tell me how to do the requested items.  A quick
>>reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
>>Raheel Ahmad Khan
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