Re: Next events meeting: 17 Jan 2002 @ 4pm ET

On Sat, 5 Jan 2002, Al Gilman wrote:

  At 12:40 PM 2002-01-04 , Ian B. Jacobs wrote:
[big snip]  >
  >Please indicate what other questions WAI or the DOM WG or the
  >HTML WG should answer.

  Here are some of the related questions that appear to bear on the support for
  events in future versions of the DOM and XML-based languages (a.k.a. dialects,
  modules, ...) and accessibility consequences of those features:

  Q1.x Given the capabilities/constraints of current formats, what
  information is
  available which would be useful to users in making an informed decision as to
  activating or not activating a behavior which the author has set to be
  triggered by a device-specific event?  An adaptive rebinding is required
  when the UI adaptation of the user does not generate that event or does not
  allow the un-confirmed automatic activation of the event handler for some
  reason.  How would the available information be processed in a representative
  adaptive interface binding (or bindings).  Some of this is guesswork or
  text."  What are the options there, and the tradeoffs?

CMN I don't see how, in the case where a user agent setup means that an event
must be confirmed, it affects us. The event is either triggered or not, and i
it is there is a confirmation interaction required, and if it is not then it
is the simple case of a user agent configuration taht doesn't naturally fire
that event.

So I think we could simplify the cases in the question  to "where the user
agent configuration does not generate that event".



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