Re: Next events meeting: 17 Jan 2002 @ 4pm ET

Response in JRG.

>   >Todo: The WAI groups need to provide a use case of when it's useful
>   >   to know that an event handler was declared on the current node
>   >   and not an ancestor.
>   JRG:  I think we only want current node. We have no real use for bubbling
>   information at this point.
>CMN I disagree. I don't think it is that much of an accessibility-specific
>need to find out where the event is declared - whether it is on the element
>or on a parent the point is to know that it can be fired from that element.

JRG: Right now UAAG 1.0 only has a requirement information on explicit 
event handlers attached to an element, so while this function maybe useful 
it is currently not a UAAG 1.0 requirement.

Ray [1] made an interesting comment about a scenario on the annotation of 
web pages, which essentially makes every element "active" in a document and 
the author would some how know this when they were viewing the 
document.  This requirement may support your statement, but it is not clear 
to me though where annotation would be considered an "event handler" or a 
functionality of some user agent/server combination.



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