Re: Next events meeting: 17 Jan 2002 @ 4pm ET

This is an interesting additional information that we did not consider in 
the original discussion.  That people may know that they could do something 
with every element in the document.  In our previous discussions, it was 
centered on events that people would not know a priori.  But this is a good 


At 08:41 PM 1/4/2002 +0000, Jim Ley wrote:
>"Jon Gunderson":
> > A mousedown attached to the body element is usually useless (from an
> > accessibility perspective) since any element in the document can
>respond to
> > it.
>I see no problems with this, consider a page which allows you to annotate
>any element on it, you need a mechanism to specify which element you are
>annotating - "Mousedown on the element you wish to annotate." the
>element(/node) that fired the event is then obtained and used in the
>annotation, from a script perspective you only capture after it's bubbled
>to the body, it's inefficient to capture anywhere else.
>So in this instance, a UA needs to fire a mousedown on any child element
>of the element which actually has the handler, I see no problems of doing
>the annotation in a voice or other non mouse browser.  I do see that so
>as to make a user aware that they can fire onmousedown sensibly, whether
>the event is defined on the element/node or one its ancestors is
> > That is why UAAG only requires
> > activation of events associated with explicit event handlers of an
> > element
>I feel this is an oversight...

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