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MINUTES(edited): W3C WAI User Agent Telecon 20 January 2000

From: Jon Gunderson <jongund@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 15:39:31 -0600
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To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org

Chair: Jon Gunderson

Scribe: Ian Jacobs

Denis Anson
Kitch Barnicle
Gregory Rosmaita
David Poehlman
Harvey Bingham
Mickey Quenzer 
Dick Brown (joined late, left early)

Rich Schwerdtfeger
Jim Allan
Charles McCathieNevile 

Action Items

Completed Action Items

   1.IJ: Make change for 2.1 note. 
   2.IJ: Make change in checkpoint 1.6 with clarification of what is meant
by profiles 
   3.IJ: Make change wtih clarification of Checkpoint 2.3 
   4.IJ: Propose split of checkpoint 10.4 to list
   5.IJ: Propose changes to checkpoint 1.5 to the list.

Continued Action Items 

   1.CMN: Follow up on this with some learning disability people on
graphical configuration issue 
   2.DB: Schedule time with IE team for next tuesday when CMN will be in
Seattle to review the CR if ready. 
   3.DB: Ask IE Team about publication of review of IE 5 and Pri 1
   4.DB: Find out how developers find out which appropriate triggers to use
in Windows for using built-in accessibility features (i.e. sound sentry,
show sounds, ...)
   5.GR: Send to the list techniques for how to use and control focus to
not have new windows cause problems for usability. In particular, how this
will work with
   6.MK: Find out techniques for sending text search requests to servers of
streamed text. 
   7.MR: Review techniques for topic 3.1 (Multi-media) 
   8.MR: Review techniques for Guideline 4 (Multi-media) 
   9.MR: Run a multimedia player through the guidelines for January. 
  10.MQ: Ask Mark about meaning of comment raised in Issue #167 
  11.MQ: Ask Mark Hakkinen about telephone browsers and the guidelines. 

New Action Items 

   1.IJ: Incoporate Ian's proposed changes to resolve issue WD#185 
   2.IJ: Incoporate Ian's resolutions for issue LC#142 
   3.IJ: Ensure that the link to the conformance explanation is dated.
Propose as a note to handle this. 
   4.IJ: Edit techniques related to checkpoint 5.4 to reflect the possible
way AT can have programmatic access event information 
   5.IJ: Add a statement about orientation to checkpoint 5.5 on timely
exchange of information 
   6.IJ: Remove "and through an API" from 10.1 and 10.3 
   7.IJ: Make changes and add techniques from GR and DP to checkpoint 4.15 
   8.GR: Draft a short minority statement related to merging and priority
of checkpoints 10.1 and 10.3 


NEXT MEETING: 27 January 2000 @2pm ET

Agenda [1]

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ua/2000JanMar/0129.html 

RESOLVED: The Working Group agrees to move to Candidate Recommendation
based on the resolutions below. The WG agrees to let Jon, Ian, and Judy do
scheduling of the CR period. We will inform the WG. 


1.WD#185: clarification of "single key" access 


Refer to proposal by Ian 

KB: Do we need the first checkpoint of two? What would go under that one? 

JG: Things like moving keys closer together, using mnemonic commands, etc. 

DA: In the second proposed checkpoint, change "frequently used commands" to
those preferred by the user as frequently used. 

KB: How will vendors verify satisfaction? You're basically requiring access
to most commands since "frequently" is not well-defined. 

JG: Refer to unix resources files for how key access specified. 

DP: Put key bindings in a profile. 

Resolved: Ian's proposal accepted. 

Action Ian: Incorporate changes. 

2.LC#142: Checkpoint 1.5 (output device-independence) needs clarification. 


Refer to Ian's proposal 

IJ: What does it mean to inform the user of content changes through the
user interface? Also, what does it mean to inform the user of user
interface changes through
the UI? 

DA: What about author-initiated (e.g., through scripts). Recall that one of
the issues had to so with changes due to scripts that happen in a separate

GR: Add to list of useful information about a link: following the link will
open a new window. 

DA: If you just notify the AT, the user doesn't know that he or she should
ask for that control. 

DB: What kind of changes to content are we talking about? 

GR: Content changes that occur without user intervention: scripts,
refreshes, etc. 

DB: I think a lot of responsibility here belongs to the author. The author
should author, for example, so that the user gets a message about the changes. 

JG: Even if changes are announced, the user will have to explore the
document/user agent to find out what the changes were. 

IJ: Consider the example of the MS home page; you tab to links and a popup
menu appears. 

JG: Note that notification to ATs is required by another checkpoint. 

Proposed: Delete 9.1 

Proposed: Change priority of 3.9 to P2 and downgrade 9.1 to P3. 

MQ: I don't want to rush things to get the document done... 

IJ: I think we are rushing it. 

GR: 9.1 has, and 3.9 doesn't, alerting the user to changes. 

- Delete 9.1 
- Raise priority of 3.9 to P2. 

HB: "Redundant" is not printer and screen, but different modalities. 

Action Ian: Incorporate changes. 

3.LC#136: Proposal for checklist delivery (part of conformance)


Refer to HB's comments 

Action IJ: Ensure that the link to the conformance explanation is dated.
Propose as a note to handle this. 

DA: There is precedent for this. 

4.LC#126: Proposed change in wording to 5.5 Provide programmatic
notification of changes to content and user interface controls (including
and focus).


- No changes to current wording 
- Use Ian's comments in techniques: 


DA: Also, document what event notifications are made available through APIs. 

Action Ian: Edit techniques. 

5.LC#127: How to verify 5.7 (Provide programmatic exchange of information
in a timely manner.)? 


Refer to JG's proposal: 

- No change, discuss in techniques (which need work) 
- Add statement about synchronization between user actions with the AT and
what's going on in the general purpose UA. If you are forced to way an extra 20
seconds, totally disorienting. 

Action Ian: Add a statement about orientation. 

6.WD#180: 10.8 should be priority 2 


JG: Lack of specificity (minimal requirement) concerns me and I don't want
to raise the priority in that case. 

- Leave checkpoint 10.8 a P3 until we have a more specific proposal. 

7.WD#181: Request for a wrapper note designed for AT developers explaining
relation to guidelines 


- This is not an issue to hold up CR. 
- This work is being carried out in the EO WG. 

8.WD#178: In 10.1 and 10.2 what does communicate through an API mean 


Refer to JG's proposal. 

JG: If you can't change the input config, the documentation suffices. Also,
the API requirement is covered by 5.2 in conjunction with the 10.1 and 10.2
10.3) requirement to make info to the user through the user interface. 

Resolved: Remove "and through an API" from 10.1 and 10.3. 

Action Ian: Edit the checkpoints accordingly. 

9.WD#177: User control of current focus change and notification. 


Refer to Ian's proposal: 

- Content + UI 

IJ: Can we be more specific about "interference"? 

GR: My main concern is focus. 

DP: I want "flag me" but "don't require action" 

IJ: Is it only a focus issue? Spawned windows are annoying and may cause
problems for users with cognitive disabilities. Might be a problem for
motor disabilities
moving windows out of the way. 

GR: You need an alert mechanism in order to know that a new window has

- Use old 4.15 but add prompts, messages, other windows. 
- Add a checkpoint to ensure user control of focus changes. P2. 

DP: Move some of my 1.5 techniques to new checkpoints. 

Action IJ: Make changes and add techniques from GR and DP. 

10.WD#188: Add definition of disability? (to CG) 


JG: This was sent to the WAI CG and copied to all the WGs. The UA WG on its
own is not required to add a definition. This should be added later if the CG
creates a definition or document. 

Resolved: No change in the Guidelines. 

11.LC#112: Split checkpoint 10.1 into two separate checkpoints for author
and user agent input functionalities and mark as an issue during last call. 


Refer to JG proposal: 

JG: Last call reviewers: 
Liam Quinn : Leave as is with current priorities. 
Jon Gardner: Merge, leave as P2 
Eric Hansen: IJ thinks he said merge; don't recall priority. 
Martin Duerst: Author specified at least as important as user specified. 

GR: I object to the proposal. Keyboard is vital to access today. I've
proposed a number of techniques. 

How many people agree: DA, JG, DP, HB, KB 

How many people object: GR, IJ, MQ 

- JG's proposal is accepted. 
- Objection from IJ, GR, MQ will be documented and delivered with the CR. 

GR: The WAI PF is dealing with this issue. 

Action GR: Draft a short minority statement. 

Proposal to go to Candidate Recommendation

Unanimous vote to go to Candidate Recommendation status
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