Re: basic question regarding ua and braille

We are certainly aware of Braille users and want the guidelines to reflect
their needs. The UA guidelines are trying to come up with presentation
independent modalities, so that Braille, Speech and visual display users
can all benefit.  Are there some specific items that would only be useful
to Braille users?


At 08:34 PM 9/23/98 -0100, Claus Thoegersen wrote:
>I would like to know if the problems posed by using a browser only
>with a braille display for output, has been considered earlier in the
>work of this group? As I see it the basic requirement for using a UA
>with braille only is that you have a cursor that you can move around
>in the document. In this way it becomes possible to clip text from
>the page that you display to the clipboard when In a Windows
>invironment using the standard cut copy and paste keyboard shortcuts.  As
most browsers are today it seems as if you only get a
>focus that you can move among links and form controls, but not a
>cursor that you can move around the rest of the contents in the
>browser. With a "real" cursor (I have no better technical term for
>this) you will also be able to move around in
>the document a lot easier than it is today. This assumes that the
>dependent technology you are using can move the cursor when you pan
>through a document. I do not know if this ability is a standard for
>different dependent technology, but I know that JFW uses this
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