basic question regarding ua and braille


I would like to know if the problems posed by using a browser only
with a braille display for output, has been considered earlier in the
work of this group? As I see it the basic requirement for using a UA
with braille only is that you have a cursor that you can move around
in the document. In this way it becomes possible to clip text from
the page that you display to the clipboard when In a Windows
invironment using the standard cut copy and paste keyboard shortcuts.  As most browsers are today it seems as if you only get a
focus that you can move among links and form controls, but not a
cursor that you can move around the rest of the contents in the
browser. With a "real" cursor (I have no better technical term for
this) you will also be able to move around in
the document a lot easier than it is today. This assumes that the
dependent technology you are using can move the cursor when you pan
through a document. I do not know if this ability is a standard for
different dependent technology, but I know that JFW uses this


Claus Thøgersen

Received on Wednesday, 23 September 1998 15:00:18 UTC