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>Response to Claus Thøgersen.
>We need to keep the mind the naive user. 

Do you mean that the possibility of reconfiguring keys placement will
be a threat to the naive user? If this is the case then you can
simply make it hard to make these adjustments, e.g. require the user
to use a special commandline swich to load an alternative
configuration, and "hide" the help topics that discusses these
possibilities under advanced settings.

JG: With a reconfigurable strategy or
>possible recommendation, we need also to address how this will impact user
>knowledge of the navigation features and default configurations.

Most users will never know about these posibilities because they do
not need them. Users that want them e.g. because they are power
users and do explore advanced user interface, or some disabled that
know about these features because they are instructed from other
disabled or special computer trainers.

With the use of cascading stylesheets or advanced settings that turns
changes browser behavior in regards to pictures, sound, scripts and
many other things, you already have browsers that behaves differently
with different settings. 

If we do not want to conform all users to a often low accessability
standard, a standard that all other users and application developpers
will reject,  it seems as the only sollution is to make almost everything

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