Re: keyboard navigation issues

Good points Claus.  
We have CSS for adjusting presentation.  
Could we not have some type of style sheet for adjusting user input?

At 12:30 PM 8/18/98 -0100, Claus Thoegersen wrote:
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>Jon Gunderson <> wrote:
>>Response to Claus Thøgersen.
>>We need to keep the mind the naive user. 
>Do you mean that the possibility of reconfiguring keys placement will
>be a threat to the naive user? If this is the case then you can
>simply make it hard to make these adjustments, e.g. require the user
>to use a special commandline swich to load an alternative
>configuration, and "hide" the help topics that discusses these
>possibilities under advanced settings.
>JG: With a reconfigurable strategy or
>>possible recommendation, we need also to address how this will impact user
>>knowledge of the navigation features and default configurations.
>Most users will never know about these posibilities because they do
>not need them. Users that want them e.g. because they are power
>users and do explore advanced user interface, or some disabled that
>know about these features because they are instructed from other
>disabled or special computer trainers.
>With the use of cascading stylesheets or advanced settings that turns
>changes browser behavior in regards to pictures, sound, scripts and
>many other things, you already have browsers that behaves differently
>with different settings. 
>If we do not want to conform all users to a often low accessability
>standard, a standard that all other users and application developpers
>will reject,  it seems as the only sollution is to make almost everything
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