Separate while Accessible


To separate the main interface from browser keyboard navigation keys 'Mouse
Keys' is a good example. 'Mouse Keys' gives disabled people unusual one
keystroke commands from Number Pad keys only when the software is Enabled.
Perhaps a Menu option within browsers could activate an appropriate set of
one keystroke browsing commands. By showing that 'Browser Keys' are active
it would be clear an Accessibility option is running, & differentiate it
from the main interface so that the vast majority of buyers aren't disturbed
by needed extras. For shared systems it might be worthwhile to take a que
from 'Sticky Keys' & have 'Browser Keys' turn Off automatically if unused
for a set time. Learning keyboard browsing commands is worthwhile since the
distance traveled over the keyboard will be reduced & fewer keystrokes will
be needed to traverse Web pages with scores of links.


-> "Just because we call it the Web does not mean its supposed to tangle
people up!"

Received on Monday, 17 August 1998 10:31:37 UTC