Re: 1 Key keyboard controls

Any new ideas or comments on what is in the current guidelins on direct and
hierarchical navigation to improve keyboard access?

At 06:35 PM 7/6/98 -0400, Bryan Campbell wrote:
>Minutes from 2 July 1998
>><P>No - we will stick with keyboard, most basic. Can add statement
>>that UA should not be input mode dependent.
>Glad to see keyboard controls come up again. It is necessary to give some
>details as keyboard controls vary greatly in usefulness. For most
>applications, example Eudora Pro email, Alt & Ctl modifiers are fine because
>they aren't used too often, time is spent reading & writing. Browsers are a
>very different type of program that require much navigation to select
>various kinds of hyperlinks. Web pages often have scores of links so using
>TAB, SHIFT-TAB & ENTER is too tiring using 1 finger or a headwand. I can see
>why this working group can't specific exact key usage a reference to 1 key
>keyboard commands & reasonable spacing (there's a vast void between ENTER &
>TAB) is necessary. Bill McMurray was
>thrilled to find Opera in fall 1997 because of its extensive 1 key keyboard
>controls that doesn't force us to chase all over the keyboard or use
>modifiers. We should be able to settle this vital issue simply.
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