1 Key keyboard controls

Minutes from 2 July 1998
><P>No - we will stick with keyboard, most basic. Can add statement
>that UA should not be input mode dependent.


Glad to see keyboard controls come up again. It is necessary to give some
details as keyboard controls vary greatly in usefulness. For most
applications, example Eudora Pro email, Alt & Ctl modifiers are fine because
they aren't used too often, time is spent reading & writing. Browsers are a
very different type of program that require much navigation to select
various kinds of hyperlinks. Web pages often have scores of links so using
TAB, SHIFT-TAB & ENTER is too tiring using 1 finger or a headwand. I can see
why this working group can't specific exact key usage a reference to 1 key
keyboard commands & reasonable spacing (there's a vast void between ENTER &
TAB) is necessary. Bill McMurray http://members.localnet.com/~billmc/ was
thrilled to find Opera in fall 1997 because of its extensive 1 key keyboard
controls that doesn't force us to chase all over the keyboard or use
modifiers. We should be able to settle this vital issue simply.


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