Re: Creating personas for WAI site redesign

To paraphrase: "feel free not to participate, unlike those who are 
willing to help and spread the word"

Is this really your response to a valid comment about whether or not a 
particular question in the questionnaire is appropriate? That seems 
rather dismissive, sorry.

Perhaps a better response could have been: "Sorry, we didn't realise 
that some people may find that question inappropriate. We'll remove it / 
add a third "prefer not to say"/"other" option..."


  On 14/06/2016 15:51, Sharron Rush wrote:
> Hi Michael, Ginger, and all
> No problem at all if people don't want to participate, completely OK
> (and by the way, none of the questions are required.)  We are only
> offering the opportunity to help us understand more about the real
> people who might use the new site.  The creation of personas as a way to
> guide a design process is a long standing practice in the usability
> community. The point is to use personal data from real people to create
> a fictional profile that kind of lives and breathes to give designers a
> sense of the actual people who will use the site.  Here is brief bit of
> background. An introduction to personas and how to create them
> <>.
> Thanks to those who were willing to help and spread the word. Usability
> research shows that the more accurately we can draw personas, making
> them feel like real people based on actual data, the more likely the
> design will meet human needs.
> Of course, during the design, we will also be asking for user feedback
> from real people, but we will also use the personas to ask ourselves -
> how would this design decision meet the need of this imaginary person,
> drawn for data collected from a broad spectrum of the web community.
> But by all means feel perfectly free to ignore this whole request and
> enjoy other pursuits!
> Thanks all,
> Sharron
> On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 1:54 AM, Michiel Bijl <
> <>> wrote:
>     Sorry, but what does gender have to do with this? I see that
>     questions aren’t mandatory—which isn’t clear from the site itself—so
>     I can skip it, but that is an unacceptable question in such a survey.
>     Times when it is acceptable to ask for gender:
>     1. Never
>     2. A dating site maybe?
>     —Michiel
>>     On 13 Jun 2016, at 22:49, Sharron Rush <
>>     <>> wrote:
>>     Greetings all,
>>     The EOWG has created a Task Force to re-design the WAI web site.
>>     Our first challenge is understanding who we are building this
>>     for.  If you would like to contribute your data to the
>>     construction of a few personas that will guide our effort, please
>>     take this (sorry rather long) survey.
>>     As important and maybe even more important is to collect data from
>>     web professionals who do not yet participate in WAI and who may be
>>     unaware of web accessibility and the WAI guidelines and supports.
>>     To that end, please spread the word about the survey to people who
>>     may not be accessibility aware.
>>     ...and please let folks know as well that there is a drawing for a
>>     $100 gift card for anyone who completes the survey and wants to
>>     leave contact information.
>>     Thanks for your help.
>>     Onward!
>>     Sharron Rush
>>     EOWG co-chair,
>>     participant in redesign TF
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