Re: PDF accessibility guidelines

IBM announced a year ago (February 2014) that we will be standardizing on 
EPUB to reduce digital barriers and increase mobile support.
IBM standardizing on EPUB is not about where we've been (there still are a 
lot of PDFs out there), nor where we are today (the number of PDFs is 
still growing), but where we're going.

For more information on IBM?s move to EPUB read a blog post from Rich 
Schwerdtfeger, IBM?s CTO of Accessibility. 

"...we are now adopting EPUB ? an open document standard built on open web 
technologies from the World Wide Web Consortium HTML5; WAI-ARIA; CSS; 
MathML; and SMIL as well as other standards from IDPF ? as one of our 
company?s primary packaged portable document formats." 
Phill Jenkins, 

Received on Friday, 23 January 2015 22:27:42 UTC