Re: screen reader reporting of negative values

This muddies the waters when the solution is already at hand.

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On Aug 21, 2013, at 10:18 AM, Sailesh Panchang <> wrote:

This is scary. This may be the documented behavior today but browser
and AT interaction change  / something breaks etc.
A developer will adopt one of these  based on his understanding /
perspective / ease of implementation, where will that leave users,
going forward ?
So it is best to keep it simple: use the standard dash or minus sign
or parenthesis from the keyboard and place a note that is available to
all users: Negative figures are preceded with a minus sign or are in
parenthesis as the case may be.
Further, one may  suffix off-screen text, like : "Screen reader users:
please adjust  punctuation verbosity to have the negative sign read."
If content is within a data table, such a note can be placed within
the summary attribute and not as off-screen text.
Limit choices to what all users see and use.
Sailesh Panchang

On 8/21/13, Alastair Campbell <> wrote:
> Oops. forgot the test case, sorry.

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