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title is not adaquuately supported by at and many browsers.

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I would like to get some opinions on the best practise for assigning  
<label for""> to inputs where there are multiple inputs for example  
for telephone numbers, sort codes, credit card numbers. I have had a  
look at the friends of ed book "Web Accessibility" and my  
understanding is that the title attribute should be used for the  
additional fields and <th> where possible.

Picking examples from websites, what would the best approach be  
(assume the fields cannot be changed to a single field)

For a credit card entry that is split across 4 fields, what would be  
placed in the following titles where below there is "????"
<label for"creditcard">credit card number</label><input type="text"  
id ="creditcard" title="first 4 digits">&nbsp;<input type="text"  
title="????">&nbsp;<input type="text" title="????">&nbsp;<input  
type="text"  title="????">

For a telephone number, would this be acceptable ie the label to the  
first field that has a title and the sceond field with a title.
<label for"telephone">telephone number</label><input type="text" id  
="telephone" title="area code">&nbsp;<input type="text" title="local  

For a bank sort code
<label for"sortcode">sort code</label><input type="text" id  
="sortcode" title="first 2 digits">&nbsp;<input type="text"  
title="middle 2 digits">&nbsp;<input type="text" title="last 2 digits">

Any further guidence would be appreciated



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