Re: How do you deal with false claims of accessibility conformance?

> There are legal teeth, 

I'm not so sure. After the attempt to enforce conformance via a terse
letter has failed, what next?
I'll bet that's a big grey area, unless the W3C wish to enter into the
arena of litigation,arbitration, and other sundry joys.

> they aren't that hard to apply at least to most governments and large companies 

Really? And I don't wish to appear abrupt, but I just don't believe that.
I do believe, as I am sure most of us do, that all governments should,
by default, be stepping up to the plate to serve their clients (the
public) and large corporations should also lead the way with models of
best practice, accessible services etc.

When useless ineffectual legislation fails to deliver, my hope is that
good will on the part of government/corporations will be the instrument
that brokers change. That combined with sound development practice and
examples of accessible systems
vastly outshining what has gone before.

>> Would the design of their own conformance logo add to the possible
>> conformance "Tower of babel"?
> It would, and that of course is the risk. On the other hand, if they were
> more active it would help improve trust in the real label. 

Well that is the worry, the symbols are loosing their glow and their
currency is being sadly devalued.



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