Re: The benefits of footnotes in webpages

wow! great maybe the best layout for my setup I've yet to use.

Linux, LYNX browser, text based screen.

everything worked and was easy to follow and use, could easily link to the
footnote and jump right back to where I was reading.   didn't see any
tables they seem to be the hardest to get into an easily used text based
screen reader.

great site


On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, Jesper Tverskov wrote:

> Hi list
> I have published an article, "The benefits of footnotes in webpages",
> It discusses a lot of accessibility
> issues.
> Would you agree that even though the superscript of a footnote index number
> is presentational in nature, the footnote being a footnote also without
> superscript, it is correct to use the sup XHTML element instead of just the
> span element and CSS? Any webdesigner would find it natural to use the sup
> element not just for let us say mathematical and chemical notation where it
> is needed but also for the footnote index number. If there is no space in
> between a word and a following footnote, the sup element could make it a
> little easier for screen readers to tell them apart than if the span element
> is used.
> Do you also agree that the title attribute is almost 99% bad from an
> accessibility point of view as implemented in today's browsers? That the
> browsers must come up with something better?
> Other comments to the article are welcome. Please help me improve it.
> Best regards,
> Jesper Tverskov

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