New Version of Mozilla/Firefox Accessibility Extension Available

A new version of the Mozilla/Firefox Accessibility Extension is available
with some new functions and a redesigned toolbar and menu layout.  This
release is close to what we expect for Version 1.0.  So please download and
check it out and give your feedback on features or bugs.  Your comments make
a big difference to our developer!
New Features in Version

   - Menu and toolbar button reorganization
   - List of Objects and Hide Objects for inspection and disabling of
   objects (e.g. Flash and Java applications)
   - Enabling "Commands and Styling affect all pages" makes any new
   extension changes instantly apply to all pages
   - Fixed W3C Validator link
   - Corrected error reporting and updated the rules for the Title dialog
   - Updated the keyboard bindings and keyboard enhancements
   functionality (note that particular keyboard bindings will change again for
   - Disable Scripting
   - Open frame in new window button in Frames dialog


Received on Monday, 21 August 2006 21:14:50 UTC