Single-item lists - consistency versus bulk

A friend asked me an accessibility question regarding a table that has lists in one column. Her question was whether, if a column has UL after UL in one column, but some "lists" contain only one item, whether it would be clearer to stick with a UL of one item (creating extra narration for a screen reader) for consistency, or to reduce that item to a paragraph tag. I told her I thought using a paragraph tag would be just as clear, since it's still in the same column, and would have less auditory clutter, but that I'd ask around - any opinions?

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>Ya gotta live there.

Eh. True. But once you've been there for a year or so you have the 
ability to request to work out of their multitude of offices around 
the country including New York and Cambridge:

Most of the Google Open Source / Google Code team is in Chicago.

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